Elina Segedenko

Elina Segedenko is an artist of the National Philharmonic Orchestra, and since 2015 she is a drum teacher at “Montessori Center”. As part of the National Orchestra, she played dozens of concerts in Ukraine and Kyiv during the All-Ukrainian tour of the legendary rock opera “Notre Dame de Paris”. Elina had a tour not only in Ukraine but also in many other European countries. For our students, it is great luck to learn and from a performer who knows what it means to be a real musician! All students of Elina regularly perform on the stage, smoothing their live-performance-skills. The teacher is always there, and she inspires her pupils to participate in different concert activities! Elina Segedenko graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Music n.a. R.M. Gliera. She is the winner of the International Competition “Accord Khortitsa”. Her pedagogical work experience is more than 5 years. As she plays, all our neighbors know! How well she teaches, all the moms and children know!

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