Pavel Barabaschuk

Pavel Barabaschuk is a virtuous saxophonist, brilliant performer of many musical styles, participant of lots of concerts, competitions, and festivals. His students constantly perform and acquire the skills of real musicians. Now Pavel is a student at National Academy of Music. n.a. P. Tchaikovsky as a saxophone teacher. He is the winner of national and international competitions and festivals in Kyiv, Lviv, Vinnytsia, and Odesa. He is the soloist of groups “New Age Sax Quartet”, “TrioSax”, “Ukrainian Saxophone Ensemble”. In 2018, he participated in the World Congress of Saxophonists in Zagreb. Pedagogical work experience – more than 3 years. During the saxophone lessons, Pavel maintains a friendly atmosphere. Everyone who has ever attended these classes will get unforgettable impressions and will be lit with music even more!

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