Victoria Popova

Victoria Popova is a choreo­gra­pher of the clas­sical dance. The hashtag, that most commonly relates to her is #coachofmydream. Her motto is even more simple: “Just dance!” Victoria knows that if you work, you always achieve a result; if you love, you will receive an answer; if you dance with delight, you will definitely capture the glimpses of others. For several years, Vika has been surrounding her little ballerinas with care and attention in the walls of “Montessori Center”, and during this time, her circle of fans has grown dramatically! Miniature dancers simply adore their coach and dream of having such a beautiful and flexible body. And mothers wish their children to be alike their ideal coach. Victoria graduated from Kherson State University with a degree in choreography. During the studying process, she actively participates in concerts and festivals of choreography. Victoria is used to the persistent work, her figure clearly speaks about it! Victoria is used to fighting, her posture is talking about it! Victoria is used to achieving her goals – this is what the gorgeous shots from the photo studio say! And we will also align our backs and be present during the morning run or (what is even better!) in the choreographic hall of Victoria Popova.

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