Март, 2018

20март10:1010:10Congratulations on winning the contest VOCAL.UA!

конкурс VOCAL.UA



March 17 – 18, 2018 a vocal competition VOCAL.UA was held in Kiev, organized by the “Montessori Center”.
More than 84 participants from 18 settlements of Ukraine took part in the competition.
Including our students took part and adequately presented “Montessori Center” at the All-Ukrainian competition.

Congratulations to the vocals teachers who prepared participants and winners of the contest:
Tatyana Dimitrova, Ekaterina Koroleva, Anastasia Marinchuk, Lilia Vesovik.

The results of our students:

  • 1. Taranova Anna – Participant
  • 2. Pavlova Katerina – Participant
  • 3. Kerik Anna – Participant
  • 4. Skorenko Diana – Diplomant
  • 5. Danilyuk Eva – Laureate of the II degree
  • 6. Markovskaya Sofia – Laureate of the II degree
  • 7. Shevtsova Maria – Laureate of the II degree
  • 8. Lesenko Andrey – Laureate of the I degree

The competition was very high, it was difficult to get even into the second round!
Our contestants coped very well and many of them won prizes!


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