Сентябрь, 2011

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Everybody’s singing. The Ukrainians are hitting music schools and vocal studios
Anna Rosenko from Art School International believes that the reason for the boom in music schools is the singing talent shows on TV.
According to the observations of the Director of the Kiev Art School International School Anna Rosenko, most students are bored office workers aged from 20 to 35 years.
“The most popular thing now is vocals – tells the Focus Ms. Rosenko. – They call every day and ask if we can teach to sing.” Anna have opened her school a month ago, and now the schedule barely have empty spaces. And on the first Monday of September, she did not have time to take the calls. The reason for the rush are the singing talent shows on Ukrainian TV. People dream repeat the success of the lucky ones inspired by the dramatic rise and the short path to fame of the “X-Factor”, “Star Factory” winners.
The dream to become famous is not the only reason of taking music and vocal lessons. Some students tired of monotonous daily routine attend singing lessons after work to live it up. Anna Rosenko recalls a woman, a bank worker, who have relieved the stress so devotedly, performing the song ”Get out!” by “VIA Gra”, so that the whole neighborhood could hear that. 26-year-old Andrey Veretinsky takes piano lessons in his spare time after work in capital advertising agency. Young man composes electronic music on the amateur level for a long time and he has finally decided to do this seriously. He does not strive to worldwide fame and sold out stadiums – he just wants to do something else besides his job.
Another reason that forces people to study music the popularity of karaoke bars and clubs. “They say, I want to become the queen of karaoke. Teach me,” – Anna Rosenko smiles. Her friend, who have graduated from the Conservatory at the violin class, decided to subscribe for vocal lessons at the age of 31 – he is haunted by the fiery love for Grigoriy Leps’ art. Now the young man listens to the “instrumental” (melody without vocals) in the car and sings along with skill.

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