Декабрь, 2016

28дек10:0010:00All our concerts in December

Все наши концерты в декабре 2016



Our December was rich in concerts, open lessons and competitions!
We congratulate all the participants with successful concert performances, winners and participants of drawing contest «ChildOpenArt» we congratulate with beautiful pictures!

Your attention all photo reports of December:

The «Concerts on Saturdays» December 3, 2016 http://gallery.montessori.ua/index.php?/category/313

Tatyana Dimitrova Class Concert at «Dejavuu» December 4, 2016 http://gallery.montessori.ua/index.php?/category/305

Choreography Festival, drawing competition and a music concert in Grinchenko University December 11, 2106 http://gallery.montessori.ua/index.php?/category/302

The «Concerts on Saturdays» December 17, 2016 http://gallery.montessori.ua/index.php?/category/303

New Year’s Concert in the «Dejavu» December 18, 2016 http://gallery.montessori.ua/index.php?/category/304


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