Июнь, 2015

16июнь10:0010:00"ChildOpenArt" - XIII Children's Drawings Contest



On June 14th, 2015 the solemn awarding ceremony of children’s drawings «ChildOpenArt» — XIII, May 36, 2015. The winners are the best students of art schools, «Montessori center.» In the second round of the Grand Prix won Bogdan Borisov! Two rival Bogdan — Veronika Golanova and Veronika Kharchenko — are also very worthy of competing in the second round.
During the ceremony held a music concert Schools’ Montessori Center «, which was attended by students and teachers. The most striking was the fulfillment of a number of the adult learner, a lawyer by profession — Taras Hnatiuk. Taras just charmed guests with its velvety timbre by the global hit «Magic Moments».
Congratulations to all the winners and their parents!
Stand with pictures of the winners and diplomas link
Online Children’s Drawings Gallery www.childopenart.com


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