Август, 2018

24авг08:0508:05Discounts for annual season subscriptions!

Скидки на годовые абонементы



Dear pupils and parents! Purchase an annual subscription at competitive prices!
Our schools have a convenient location, comfortable classrooms, we have a professional creative team!

Our Lessons:
Music School — vocal lessons and playing musical instruments;
Art School — painting, drawing, sculpting, burning;
Choreography School — the lessons of classical and modern dance;
Montessori English School — English lessons for adults and children, in groups or individually;
Studio «Couture» — lessons in sewing and knitting;
Animation studio «Montessori Pictures» — animation lessons.

Join us!
Vvedenskaya St., 26 (M. Kontraktovaya plosha)
Knyazhiy Zaton St., 21 ( M. Osokorki, M. Poznyaki)
Dmitriyevskaya St., 46 ( M. Luk’yanovskaya, M. Vokzal’naya)

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