Июнь, 2020

18июнь11:1211:12Montessori Center will continue blended learning all summer



Dear students and parents!
For many studying online has opened up new opportunities — saving time and money, individual work with a teacher, instead of large groups — small meetings of 2-3 students, more active participation of the student in the process, and technology does not seem as unattainable as before — we all — parents and children — we work safely with any devices, applications and software.

We propose to study many areas in the Montessori Center online:

1. Vocals
2. Piano
3. Guitar
4. Violin
5. Saxophone
6. Painting
7. Computer graphics
8. English
9. Dance
10. Russian language

We also invite everyone to individual lessons and mini-groups at two addresses in Kiev: 21, Knyazhyi Zaton St. and 46, Dmitrievskaya St.

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