Декабрь, 2020

13дек06:0406:04Our events in December 2020



Dear students and parents! In December, we will have several concerts, master classes, open lessons and an award ceremony for the winners of the online gallery!


December 19 12:00 – open lesson on early musical development, class of Ekaterina Rybina.

December 19 15:00 – concert of the piano teacher Snezhana Mamchich.

December 19 18:00 – concert of the piano teacher Nadezhda Timoshchenko’s class.

December 21 – presentation of awards to the winners of the online gallery www.childopenart.com

December 24 – open lessons of the choreography coach Kristina Podoprigora.


We look forward to seeing you and wish you a great holiday preparation!

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