Июль, 2020

06июль05:5905:59Our victories thanks to online lessons



The quarantine continues, and our teachers work diligently and daily for the result!
This is evidenced by the victories of our students in distance competitions!

During quarantine and online lessons, we have many winners and winners:
Sofia Markovskaya – Grand Prix (class of teacher Julia Krupa),
Natalya Litovchenko – Laureate of 1 degree (class of teacher Ekaterina Koroleva),
Daria Ladizheva – 1st degree laureate (class of teacher Ekaterina Koroleva),
Natalya Litovchenko – Laureate of the 2nd degree (class of teacher Ekaterina Koroleva),
Alexandra Donskaya – Laureate of the 3rd degree (class of teacher Julia Krupa).

Congratulations to our dear students, their parents and teachers with excellent results!

We work at two addresses in Kiev, and also conduct daily online lessons for everyone who is far away!

For online lessons, we use the Google Meet platform and improve our skills with the best teachers! Join now!

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