Январь, 2018

18янв08:0008:00The animation studio "Montessori Pictures"



The animation studio «Montessori Pictures» invites you to cartoon lessons!
Teamwork unites children, it allows you to effectively engage in creativity, generate ideas and create new animations!
It all starts with the idea of ​​the plot, which the team discusses together. After the statement of the plot, preparation of scenery, heroes begins, we discuss materials from which heroes will be made — paper, plasticine, Lego designer or something else new!
Then goes the shooting! This process is always very popular with the team members! We shoot on a professional camera, mounted on a tripod. Installation is on the shoulders of the teacher, while young animators have not mastered computer technology themselves! But all this is in the plans for the future! The profession of the multiplier is multifaceted and requires a lot of knowledge — both artistic and advanced technological!

Join us! www.montessori.ua
21, Knyazhyi Zaton St. (M. Osokorki)
(044) 220-27-22
(066) 273-18-41

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