Март, 2015

09март10:0010:00VGORODE.UA Published Article about the Olympics



Portal VGORODE.UA published an article about «Golos Krainy» Olympics:
«On March 15th, the House of Actors in Kiev will be held «Golos Krainy» Music Olympics. This event is for all those who sing and play musical instruments, and wants to demonstrate their achievements on the big stage.
As the organizers say, the Olympics aims to find new talent among students of music schools, as well as for the promotion of teachers who nurtured talent.
Participants will compete in three genres: pop music, classical and jazz.
Participation in the project are people between the ages of 3 and 35 years old. All participants are divided into three age categories. They will compete for the grand prize in the 3000 UAH.
Assess the level of skill of the contestants will be a jury of well-known musicians, teachers and honored workers of culture and art.
You can apply on the official website of the contest».
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