Май, 2020

21май06:0606:06Wild discounts on all lessons at the Montessori Center!



Dear students and parents!
To quit quarantine was easier and more creative — we give 500 UAH. upon purchase of every 8 lessons at the Montessori Center!
We have developed a price list with new super discounts that you will love!
Check out the offer on the PRICES page.

8 individual lessons = 1860 UAH. (instead of 2360 UAH.)
8group lessons = 940 UAH. (instead of 1440 UAH.)

The promotion will last until June 7, 2020, have time to buy a subscription!

By the way, our subscriptions do not have a period of use!
You will be able to use the purchased lessons in the new school year!
Choose directions by the link.

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