Our school is No. 1 among private art schools in Kiev. Professional teachers, the latest equipment and the highest service – these are our qualities that can not surpass competitors. We use modern technology to organize online lessons (Google Meet and Google Classroom).

Areas of study at the «Montessori Center»:

  • School of Music
  • Art school
  • Dancing school
  • Montessori English School
  • Cutting and sewing courses
  • Yoga

We have been successfully working in Ukraine since 2011. Currently, we are studying more than 800 students. Our team today is 60 professionals: teachers, administrators and programmers.

We know that competitors are equal to us, copying our teaching methods and even sites. Therefore, we do not stand still and every semester we come up with new directions and master classes, we improve methods and material and technical equipment of our schools, and we hold All-Ukrainian competitions.

At the «Montessori Center»:

  • In music classes we teach vocals and playing musical instruments: piano, guitar, drum kit, saxophone, violin, flute and cello. In groups for preschoolers, musical development classes are held according to the method of Maria Montessori.
  • In art classes students of different ages study painting, drawing, modeling, animation and computer graphics.
  • In dance classes we teach children and teenagers classical choreography and modern dance with elements of hip-hop, jazz funk, body ballet and modern.
  • In English lessons in an exciting form and in continuous communication classes are held with the best teachers.
  • At the courses of cutting and sewing students learn the skills of modeling and sewing clothes, accessories, decor items. Each season, our budding designers showcase fashion shows from hand-made products.
  • In yoga groups workouts take place in the morning and evening. Children’s yoga adds physical health and helps children avoid scoliosis, curved posture, flat feet. Yoga classes are a powerful base for self-realization in various sports, study and art, formation of balance and mutual understanding with the outside world.

In the framework of the concept of Maria Montessori, we have created a multi-stage training system. Students of the “Montessori Center” have the opportunity to participate and compete in music olympiads, competitions and festivals in all types of arts from the borders of their school to their own All-Ukrainian competitions.

The concept of the «Montessori Center» art school is an example of the development and use of the European methodology in Ukrainian extracurricular education.

Come to study at the «Montessori Center» with your whole family!

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