Money-back guarantee

Within 30 days from the date of payment for services in case of refusal of services, regardless of the reason for refusal, a full refund is guaranteed, minus commissions of payment systems, cost of services already received and tax amounts.

Refund terms:

  1. Refunds are made only for the first time ordered services. For example: if you ordered a service, after which you received a refund and ordered a similar service from us for the second time, then you will not be able to get the money back for the second order.
  2. You can request a refund only within 30 days from the date of payment for services.
  3. Refunds are made minus the commission of payment systems and tax amounts.
  4. When paying with VISA and MasterCard, the money is returned to the same card with which the payment was made. After we return the payment, the money will appear on the card within 3 banking days. Please note that this payment will not appear on card statements, but simply increase the balance on the card. This type of return is available only within 30 days after payment.
  5. The money is returned to the same organizations from which the payment for the services was made.
  6. If the payment was made by an individual through a bank branch, then the money can be returned in one of the following ways:
    • To the Privatbank card. To receive money on a Privatbank card, you must write a request to the administration and indicate the card number and the recipient’s full name.
    • To a debit card of any bank in Ukraine. In this case, the user must provide all the details for sending money to his card, namely: the name of the recipient, IBAN, the purpose of payment, card number, the full name of the cardholder.
    • Any other way, which will be convenient for both parties.
  7. Refunds are made within 10 days from the date of application.
  8. Refunds will not be made in case of violation of the rules of the Montessori Center.
  9. All bonuses and discounts are deducted upon refund.

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