You’ve never sung a song in life, but you dream to enchant the audience with your voice in a matter of seconds? Do you wish to raise your child with senses of artistry, musicality, and see how he or she receives a standing ovation? Discover your limits and reveal your children’s talent in the network of art schools “Montessori Center”!

Our classes for children and adults provide an opportunity not only to learn the basic techniques of singing and playing musical instruments but to perform on stage, participate in various competitions, and finally enjoy fame and recognition.

Music school “Montessori Center” offers singing and music classes for children of different ages. For the youngest students, we have developed a special program based on the Montessori Method. For older children and adults we can offer a concentration of courses that will improve your vocal skills and help you to master key, string and wind instruments.

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Our learning approach implies interesting lessons with sizeable results even after the first class. The teachers of our music school are professionals in their fields. Our individual approach to everyone, regardless of his/her age and experience, strengthened by the high level of proficiency of the teacher, shows amazing results. There is no other way to appraise your student’s progress, but patient work on the mistakes, which makes it possible to move towards the set objective.

Our purpose is not just to teach students some sort of theoretical material in our school, but show them how to understand the nature of music, create masterpieces on their own and to enjoy the process of its creation.

No one is devoid of musicality, and furthermore, education develops the cognitive retooling, perseverance, teaches to grasp the information and immediately apply it in practice. Moreover, it helps to develop artistry, performance on stage, musical taste and the desire to succeed – and your child will have an ability to express his or her feelings and emotions in life and realize the creative power.

Our curriculum develops fine motor skills which are important to acquire since the first years of life. A kid learns to play musical instruments with his fingertips, involving all parts of the brain in the process. During the singing classes, children learn to breathe correctly, control the sound of their voice, helping their respiratory system to develop, preventing many diseases of the nasopharynx and improving pronunciation.

Our students are laureates and prize-winners of national and international art competitions. Systematic participation in such events not only allows them to gradually improve but also leads them to the wonderful world of stage performances. What can give you brighter memories if not a brilliant performance and an applauding audience! We are constantly evolving, trying to keep abreast of the time by implementing the latest techniques, updating musical instruments each semester, improving the qualifications of teachers and the quality of education. Other schools try to heed to our standards, but nobody has overcome us yet. You can attend our music lessons in multiple “Montessori Centers” in Kyiv, we design a comfortable schedule and help you to decide further steps in practice and do everything possible to make your musical journey easy and fun!


Students of the Montessori Center have a unique opportunity to perform not only at school concerts, but also at national competitions on large stages.

The Montessori Center team has been actively organizing music competitions since 2014: the All-Ukrainian Musical Olympiad «Voice of Country», All-Ukrainian Open Piano Competition named after S.S. Prokofiev PIANO.UA, All-Ukrainian open vocal and choral competition VOCAL.UA.

Our students always actively participate in competitions and show high results, being inspired by new successes and achievements!

All-Ukrainian Open Piano Competition named after S.S. Prokofiev «PIANO.UA» It is carried out with the aim of identifying talented Ukrainian musical performers, improving the performing skills of students, students and teachers of musical institutions of Ukraine, increasing the prestige of musical specialties, and exchanging creative achievements between musicians.
Во All-Ukrainian open vocal and choral competition «VOCAL.UA» Ukrainian and foreign musicians can participate. Including professional music performers, as well as pupils, students and teachers of secondary and higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as out-of-school educational institutions of the country. In December 2018, the Montessori Center took 3rd place in the team event among the musical educational institutions of Ukraine.
All-Ukrainian Open Music Olympiad «Voice of Country» – the largest open All-Ukrainian complex musical competitions, which are held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the National Union of Composers of Ukraine, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, National Music Academy of Ukraine named after P.I.Tchaikovsky, State Scientific and Methodological Center for the content of cultural and artistic education and under the patronage of the outstanding goosy ukrainian como visitor, Hero of Ukraine, People’s Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine Yevgeny Stankovich. In November 2018, the Montessori Center took 2nd place in the team event among the musical educational institutions of Ukraine.
The musical project CONCERTS ON SATURDAYS was created by the Montessori Center in 2012 especially for students of music schools. At “SATURDAY CONCERTS”, our students take their first small steps to the big stage, hone their skills and go through qualifying rounds to participate in national and international competitions.

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