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Anna Rosenko is the director of the network of educational institutions “Montessori Center”. Co-chairman of the organization committee and co-author of the concept of the All-Ukrainian Music Olympiad “Voice of Ukraine”. Co-founder and organizer of the contest of children’s drawings and an online gallery “ChildOpenArt”, All-Ukrainian Open Competition of Fine Arts “#MYSTETSTVO”, All-Ukrainian Open Vocal and Choir Competition “VOCAL.UA” and All-Ukrainian Open Competition of Pianists named after S.S. Pro­ko­fiev “PIANO.UA”. She gra­dua­ted from The National Academy of Music named after P.I. Tchai­kov­sky as a piano teacher. “I strive to create an atmosphere of love for children, to support attention, and polite attitude towards their parents, maintain an atmosphere of friendship. At this school, students learn to be artists and masters from the very first lesson. Each student – a child or an adult – receives a unique experience of stage activities – exhibitions, concerts, and All-Ukrainian contests. The methodical chain of our class: lesson -> concert -> competition – brings up constant motivation, teaches to strive for a goal. The process of studying art becomes a part of daily life, an exciting game that brings pleasure from the participation and the joy of the victory. Come here and join us! We will be glad to meet you!”
Владимир Сорока
Vladimir Soroka
Vladimir Soroka is an excellent practicing guitarist who guides his students into the world of guitar music. Vladimir graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Music n.a. R.M. Gliera, specialty “Guitar”. He began his peda­go­gi­cal activity in 2015. In the process of learning, he focuses on the development of technical skills and musical notation. “I try to keep students interested in studying with the help of modern and relevant materials.” Vladimir is a multi-musician – he is fluent in keyboards, percussion instruments and, of course, all the guitars – classical, bass and electric. All students who get into Vladimir’s classroom don’t want to leave it anymore!
Екатерина Королёва, Монтессори Центр
Ekaterina Koroleva
Ekaterina Koroleva is charming, attractive, and professional. The students’ fathers call her «the queen» (believe me, that’s not only because of her last name (*korolyov – ukrainian&russian for «king’s son or daughter») mothers ask the administrator to assign the child specifically for her classes, and the students themselves see her as a model to be followed. Ekaterina Konstantinovna has been filling the apartments of “Montessori Center” with her positive energy since 2013. Dozens of concerts arranged by her students, victories in contests, her work as the jury of several vocal projects, billions of volts of lightning discharges, kilowatts of excitement and thousands of hertz of sound waves – She can produce this all, of course, thanks to her Hollywood smile! Catherine graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Music named after R.M. Gliera, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, as well as the Kyiv University n.a. Boris Grinchenko, with a degree in “Vocal studies”. Due to the stage performances in the cover bands, she has extensive experience in vocal directions, such as jazz, soul, blues, pop, rock. Her path as the pop vocal teacher began in 2003. Today, her goal is to teach her students to love and feel the music and, through the use of various vocal practices, to maximize the potential of each student. Pedagogical work experience – 15 years. And yet, her most important job is to be a beautiful mother and a loving wife, to be among the fans at her son’s competitions, to cook new dishes for her family and to inspire her musical parents with personal success!
Елена Ступак, Монтессори центр
Elena Stupak
Elena Stupak is one of the ear­li­est disco­ve­rers of “Montes­sori Center”, as our team met her in 2012 when there were only three students in our painting class. Thanks to her professionalism, perseverance and inexhaustible creativity, Elena today has the largest class of students who believe in her and endlessly appreciate! Beginners say: “She is the coolest here,” and parents wait half a year to enroll in her class. Elena graduated from Kryvyi Rih National University as a “Teacher of art and design”. She successfully received a diploma in decorative painting. Pedagogical work experience – 9 years. Elena’s students receive prizes in various drawing competitions. The teacher strives to create conditions for the development of children’s imagination and to reveal the potential of adults’ imagination. “There are no restrictions on drawing on your sheet of paper- the grass is green, and the sky is blue, and there cannot be otherwise. A person should sense the diversity of the surrounding world and not be afraid to convey it on paper as he feels and sees it. Art is very subjective and has no limits. ” Elena herself is a four-time champion and a winner of the 1st place cup at All-Ukrainian competition-exhibition of pieces of art team «#MYSTETSTVO.»
Лилия Ярмоленко
Lilia Yarmolenko
Lilia Yarmolenko is a foreign languages teacher at the Montessori Center: English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Ukrainian. Lilia is a master of her profession and a teacher of high professionalism. In the class of Lilia Olegovna, there is always order, and at the same time – an incredibly creative atmosphere. All students of this teacher – both children and adults – know that you need to work hard to gain and consolidate knowledge, for this inspires their «English» part of the character. Lilia graduated from the Kyiv University n.a. Boris Grinchenko with a degree in Foreign Philology, as well as language schools: Michael Got’s School (Germany), La escuela “Hispania” (Spain), received the qualification of a practicing psychologist. Her pedagogical work experience is more than 10 years. At “Montessori Center”, Lilia has been working since 2015, conducting lessons in English, Japanese and Spanish, thematic evenings and open lessons, working with different age groups, and implementing methodological and psychological knowledge into practice.
Анастасия Маринчук
Anastasia Marinchuk
Anastasia Marinchuk is one of the best teachers you can ever meet! A professional in her field who reacts sensitively to a student, no matter how old he is – 3 years old or over 50. Children are crazy about her, and adults – they consider her to be a specialist who can be fully trusted. Anastasia Borisovna graduated from Lugansk Institute of Culture named after T. Shevchenko as a “Teacher of art and design”. Pedagogical work experience: 15 years. “My students are the winners and laureates of many vocal competitions. I love music and I try to instill this love in my students. ”
Татьяна Димитрова
Tatyana Dimitrova
Tatyana Dimitrova is one of the old-timers at “Montessori Center”, as she joined our team back in 2011. Since that time, Tanya has managed to raise an infinite number of talented vocalists, and perform solo or with her students at many concerts! Tatyana Sergeevna is very professional. Her students win the All-Ukrainian and International competitions. Tatyana Dimitrova graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Music. n.a. R.M. Glier as a special vocalist, instrumentalist, orchestra artist. She is the conductor of the orchestra, vocalist teacher, and instrumentalist. Her pedagogical work experience is 9 years. “My students are laureates and winners of many International and All-Ukrainian competitions, such as “Kyiv Art Time”, “Gold Star ”,“ We are the children of Ukraine ”, All-Ukrainian musical Olympiad“ Golos Krainy ”,“ Inna-Brovary ”,“ Dzherelo nadіі ”, “Morska Perla” (Bulgaria), Art Talent Fest. I use different vocal techniques in my work, I try to find an approach to each student and to reveal their musical personality to the maximum degree! ”
Снежана Мамчич
Snezhana Mamchich
Snezhana Mamchich is a brilliant pianist and piano teacher whom you can only dream about! Attentive and professional – she always knows exactly what to teach so that her students can learn with pleasure and gradually improve their skills. Snezhana Vasilyevna graduated as a piano teacher from Kyiv Institute of Music n.a. R.M. Glier. She is a participant and winner of many contests and music competitions. Her pedagogical work experience – 4 years. “I am passionate about both performing on stage and teaching my students. My students are laureates and winners of All-Ukrainian and International competitions, such as the All-Ukrainian Music Olympiad “Golos Krainy”, the International Competition of Young Pianists in the Memory of V. Horowitz “,” The All-Ukrainian Competition-Review of Young Pianists. n.a. O. Verikovskaya.” During the piano lessons of Snezhana, students not only learn to play well but also find a new friend in their teacher.
Анна Вигура
Anna Vigura
Anna Vigura is a teacher of painting, graphics and deco­ra­ti­ve arts. What is more, she successfully teaches in English as well. Anna’s huge class is full of multinational aspiring artists, carried away by their teachers in the world of art. Anna graduated from the graphic arts faculty of Odesa South Ukrainian Peda­go­gi­cal Univer­sity with a degree in graphic design. Since 2016, she has been educating future winners and participants of various competitions and exhibitions at “Montessori Center”. Twice a year, Anna’s students take part in the All-Ukrainian Open Competition-Exhibition #MYSTETSTVO.
Kristina Podoprigora
Christina Podoprigora is a trainer of modern and classical choreography. Street Dance directions (Hip-hop, Jazz-funk, Dancehall) are hot dances that will help to liberate your child. The direction of classical choreography will help to foster discipline, help to make beautiful posture and body, develop flexibility, musicality, plasticity. Christina has more than 5 years of choreographic experience. Has been engaged in choreography for 22 years. She studied at the Kharkov State Academy of Culture. In the past, he was the head of choreographic groups that received prizes and Grand Prix in All-Ukrainian and International competitions. “What does choreography mean to me, you ask? No, this is not a hobby – this is a way of life that has already been established over the years! After all, how else, if my mother and grandmother are choreographers. Choreography is my path! This is exactly what the generation of the 21st century needs. My main rule is no rules! Feel free to dance and have fun! Express yourself! Be in trend, dance to your favorite and modern music! This is the main position of a successful student! When can you start, you ask? Yes, right now! In fact, your little baby can do much more than you think! Give a chance today! I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and I feel incredibly happy! So don’t be shy! And you have everything ahead!”
Natalia Zhuravel
Natalia graduated from Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, received the qualification “Master of Musical Art”. She has excellent teaching experience for both children and adults. Her lessons are small performances where the main character is a student who is involved in the wonderful world of music. Natalia herself is a wonderful performer with whom to take an example. Natalia Vladimirovna teaches lessons in academic and pop vocals, as well as piano lessons.
Екатерина Божко
Ekaterina Bozhko
Ekaterina Bozhko is a talented and bright teacher of painting and drawing. All the fans of her pedagogical skills tend to gather around Ekaterina. All of her students successfully participate in contests and exhibitions. And Catherine is a beautiful mother as well! She gives special warmth and care to all the children who come to her class. Ekaterina graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture with a degree in “Fine Arts”. She has experience of teaching students for over 12 years. At the lessons of art, children are introduced to the materials, technologies, and techniques of embodying their creativity. Simultaneously, adults can learn new skills in the field of art just for pleasure.

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