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Why is it important for children to do needlework

How to help your child develop easily and harmoniously? For this, it is not necessary to give it to sports clubs and sections. A suitable source for the development of children will

Main errors of beginning vocalists

The state when the soul sings is familiar and I want to throw out this joy: jumping, screaming, dancing? Nothing better reflects your emotional mood, like a song in its own performance.

How to learn to sing

Singing lessons are fashionable and popular. Today both children and adults want to learn to sing. Singing is also popularized by television shows, such as “The Voice of the Country”, “X-Factor” –

The Concept of “Montessori Center” – European Vector

Today there are several thousand Montessori schools in the world, and since 1929 the International Montessori Association has been active. Despite the spread of the technique of Maria Montessori in general aesthetic

Montessori Center Musical Schools as an Example of Using the European Methodology in Ukrainian Out-of-School Education

The unique idea of ​​the “Montessori Center” art schools is to implement the system of Maria Montessori’s in the initial aesthetic education, namely in musical, artistic and choreographic schools, as well as

Every girl wants to the dance lessons

Every girl wants to dance, or almost every one 🙂 And moms know about it. Dance is the most ancient art that a child begins to learn, having just strengthened on his

Why drawing is very popular among children

Learning the world around them, children perceive it as incredibly bright, big, children’s impressions are radically different from the impressions of adults. The emotional reaction is also completely different. By the way

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