Eternally young guitar

The guitar has a gentle sound. Like a touch of hands. The guitar has a quiet sound, as if a friend were whispering! .. Francisco Tarrega

What piano lessons give us

Did you know that a child lays the foundation of clear consciousness and innovative thinking not through a brand new smartphone, but near an old piano?..

Whom and why need vocal lessons

All our speech has a vocal nature. A baby who is just born is already prone to singing. He is able to make loud sounds, stretch them and even clothe in emotions.

Drawing lessons for children: we form the creations of the creator

Typically, a young child is dominated not by logical, but by imaginative thinking.

Why is it important for children to do needlework

How to help your child develop easily and harmoniously? For this, it is not necessary to give it to sports clubs and sections.

Main errors of beginning vocalists

The state when the soul sings is familiar and I want to throw out this joy: jumping, screaming, dancing? Nothing better reflects your emotional mood, like a song in its own performance.

How to learn to sing

Singing lessons are fashionable and popular. Today both children and adults want to learn to sing.

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