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Valeria Rakhmanova is a brilliant pianist and attentive teacher who educates not only young pianists but also adults. Valeria graduated from Tambov State Music and Pedagogical Institute n.a. S. Rachmaninov as a piano teacher and has been success­fully working for over 5 years. Among her achievements, there are numerous compe­ti­tions, concerts and a high level of her students’ perfor­mance. During the piano lessons, Valeria shows various techniques to the students, which is very fas­ci­na­ting, captivating, and most impor­tantly – motivating!

Victoria Popova

Victoria Popova is a choreo­gra­pher of the clas­sical dance. The hashtag, that most commonly relates to her is #coachofmydream. Her motto is even more simple: “Just dance!” Victoria knows that if you work, you always achieve a result; if you love, you will receive an answer; if you dance with delight, you will definitely capture the glimpses of others. For several years, Vika has been surrounding her little ballerinas with care and attention in the walls of “Montessori Center”, and during this time, her circle of fans has grown dramatically! Miniature dancers simply adore their coach and dream of having such a beautiful and flexible body. And mothers wish their children to be alike their ideal coach. Victoria graduated from Kherson State University with a degree in choreography. During the studying process, she actively participates in concerts and festivals of choreography. Victoria is used to the persistent work, her figure clearly speaks about it! Victoria is used to fighting, her posture is talking about it! Victoria is used to achieving her goals – this is what the gorgeous shots from the photo studio say! And we will also align our backs and be present during the morning run or (what is even better!) in the choreographic hall of Victoria Popova.

Julia Savchenko

Julia Savchenko is a young ta­len­ted teacher of painting and drawing. Children, teenagers, and mothers – all those who attended her painting lessons – stay here for a long time! The con­fiden­tial atmosphere, friendly tea, pleasant informative conver­sations, and very beau­tiful pictures – this is a small part of the lessons taught by Yulia Sav­chenko. Even with 2-year-old kids, the teacher deals much like with adults and seriously but carefully opens the doors to the world of art! Walking near the class, one can observe how, sitting on the arms of the teacher, the kid gets acquainted with brushes, paints and water­color paper. For one and a half years of creativity at “Montessori Center”, Julia prepared more than 50 compe­ti­tive exhibi­tion works along with her students and introduced about 300 children to the basics of art! Yulia Savchenko graduated from Peda­go­gical College n.a. Boris Grinchenko with a degree in “Fine Arts”, as well as the Art Department of the Kyiv Uni­ver­sity n .a. Boris Grin­chen­ko, with a degree in “Culture and Art Management”. She practiced in the top galleries of the capital, took part in art projects of the “Art Arsenal” gallery. “I believe that creativity should not have any guide­lines and prohi­bi­tions, because only through experi­men­tation and creative searches the artist finds his style.”

Daria Kosheleva

Daria Kosheleva emotionally and confidently welcomes both children and adults to try her fresh piano course. Her lessons have many interesting musical examples, unique performance and, most importantly, a confidential environment in which the student feels comfortable. Daria graduated from Cherkasy Musical College, and also received a bachelor’s degree at National Music Academy n.a. P. Tchaikovsky. Her pedagogical work experience is 5 years. She was awarded lots of diplomas and certificates. “I try to conduct active and interesting lessons with both children and adults, using modern methods of teaching them how to play the piano.”

Anna Rodionova

In a few words, Anna Rodionova is smiling, caring, cute and very talented. Her students love her so much that they do not depart a single step from her; she tea­ches them to be real musicians. Anna graduated from the Orchestral Wind and Percussion Instruments Department of Kyiv Institute of Music n.a. R.M. Gli­era. Since 2017, she has been working at “Montes­sori Center” and performing at the orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. Her pedagogical work experience – more than 8 years. Our students are very fortunate that they can learn from real artists, starting with the very first lessons from Anna Rodionova as their best teacher.

Viktoriia Smetankina

Victoriia Smetankina is a young and talented teacher of classical guitar with a European school of learning to play the guitar. Owns a unique author’s method of teaching children in the Franco-Ukrainian system. After graduating from the Kiev Higher School of Music named after R. M. Glier, she continued her studies at the Music Academy of Music and Theater Rainier III in Monaco, where she perfectly mastered the methods of teaching the guitar class. During this time she participated in international festivals, concerts and events in France and Monaco. He has 5 years of experience in Monaco with children of different ages and levels of training. Victoriia created her own author’s method of working with the smallest children who would like to learn how to play the classical guitar. After all, instilling a good taste in classical music and culture is very important in shaping the child’s worldview. Victoriia is a delicate, emotional musician who writes unique music herself and also takes a keen view of the world of children who go to the world of music.


Olga Krivtsova has been a mo­dern dance coach at “Mon­tes­sori Center” since 2016. For several years, Olga’s class has grown and strengthened. Olga graduated from Kyiv University of Culture and Arts with a degree in “Cho­reo­gra­pher of folk choreo­graphy, an artist and a teacher of specialized disciplines”. Her peda­go­gical work experience is more than 6 years. “The lessons in my classes can meet all of the highest standards. This is ensured, first of all, by a high degree of demand towards the children and the quality of students’ performance, by diligent preparation for each lesson, for each show. My life motto is “Never to stop at what has been accomplished, but seek, implement, improve! ”

Lilia Vezovik

Lilia Vezovik is a talented teacher and a wonderful singer. Lilia graduated from Kryvyi Rih Pedagogical University with a degree in musical art. Her pedagogical work experience is 8 years. Lilia is actively preparing her students to participate in the concerts of Montessori Center, as well as in the All-Ukrainian competitions. “During the lessons, we try to settle proper breathing, teach them to do exercises for the development of musical hearing, pure intonation, proper sound extraction, a sense of the metro-rhythm and clear diction.” At the lessons, Lily always plays very beautiful music. Her approach to the selection of the musical repertoire for the lessons is very careful because when students play or sing their favorite compositions, their passion for art skyrockets.


Lesya Igitskaya is an incredibly talented guitar teacher. Lesia has a huge class of students who trust her endlessly. Lesya Ivanovna graduated from the Folk Department of Uzhgorod State Music School n.a. D. Za­do­ra, as well as from Rivne State Humanitarian University with a degree in “Guitar teacher, orchestra artist, orchestra leader”. She worked as an artist in the orchestra of Trans­carpa­thian Regional Drama and Comedy Theater. Her peda­go­gi­cal experience – 15 years. During her lessons, the teacher will introduce students to all the guitar types: classical, electric and bass guitar. The fascinating world of guitar music captures every student – both child and adult. Whoever is in the guitar class, he will stay here for a long time!


Valeria Taran can be described as creative and independent, musical and original, risky and reliable. We have four academic years behind us. Dif­ficult, dif­fe­rent, interesting and saturated, creative and successful. Lera knows how to study! Lera knows what to tell the student to make him confident! Lera knows what to tell the student’s mom to find a soulmate in her. Valeria graduated from The National Music Academy of Ukraine n.a. P. Tchaikovsky (class of O. Bezborodko). She is the winner of the All-Ukrainian New Music Olympiad “Voice of Ukraine”, and she is actively involved in the preparation of students for various concerts and competitions. Her pedagogical work experience is more than 4 years.

Anna Vigura

Anna Vigura is a teacher of painting, graphics and deco­ra­ti­ve arts. What is more, she successfully teaches in English as well. Anna’s huge class is full of multinational aspiring artists, carried away by their teachers in the world of art. Anna graduated from the graphic arts faculty of Odesa South Ukrainian Peda­go­gi­cal Univer­sity with a degree in graphic design. Since 2016, she has been educating future winners and participants of various competitions and exhibitions at “Montessori Center”. Twice a year, Anna’s students take part in the All-Ukrainian Open Competition-Exhibition #MYSTETSTVO.

Anastasia Torunyan

Anastasia Torunyan is a talented teacher, singer, and musician. She graduated from Kyiv Ins­ti­tu­te of Music n.a. R.M. Gliera as a professional in “Choral conducting” and from Kyiv University n.a. Boris Grin­chen­ko with a degree in “Musical art”. Her pedagogical work experience is 6 years. Anastasia is a prize-winner of many All-Ukrainian competitions. Her students also participate and win All-Ukrainian and International competitions, following the quote of Leonardo Da Vinci “Tristo è quel discepolo che non avanza il suo maestro” These are the words she says about her work: “My main goal is to develop creative thinking and to instill good musical taste in my students.” In her variety of vocal lessons, Anastasia works on a complete vocal student’s “image” – from song selection to stage costume and choreographic performance. Each vocal lesson is a step to the greater stage, to the play and the depth of music itself. When you specify your goals, it is always easier to get closer to their realization.

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