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Julia Krupa

Julia Krupa – vocal teacher and artistic curator of the show group “SWIPES”. Julia is very professional in teaching beginner vocalists – this is breathing and acquaintance with academic music. Even if you came to pop vocal lessons, you need to correctly feel the voice support, to know the basics of staging the “vocal apparatus” and in this Julia is a real guru. Yulia Alexandrovna was educated at the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts with a degree in Musical Art. She joined the Montessori Center team in the beginning 2020.

Yelena Fedorishina

Yelena Fedorishina is a violin teacher at the Montessori Center since 2018. Elena received her education at the Rivne Music College of the Rivne State Humanitarian University and received the qualification “Teacher of elementary schools, artist of an orchestra and ensemble.” At Elena’s violin lessons, both classical and modern music sound, her students are both children and adults. Join us in the world of violin music!

Valeria Moskvitina-Dmytrieva

Valeria graduated from Kherson State University with a degree in Teacher of Fine Arts. She has excellent pedagogical experience at the art school, as well as the experience of the head of the art department. Valeria Andreyevna works with children from 5 years old, and also leads art lessons with beginner adults. She holds master classes in painting, as well as in technique impasto, drawing with a palette knife. Since 2016, she has been conducting art therapy for military personnel, their families and children. She is actively involved in volunteer work with migrants. Painter, works in the artistic direction of impressionism, impasto technique. She takes part in international open air and exhibitions. Held more than 20 solo exhibitions in Ukraine and Poland. Her works are in private collections in Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Italy and other countries of the world.

Daria Otsiatsia

Daria is a young and talented specialist who is very loved by children! At her singing lessons, a very friendly atmosphere, little students see her as a friend and want to be like their teacher. The repertoire Daria chooses the most interesting – fashionable compositions that her students love and know. Of course, to cope with complex vocal tasks in the classroom, the work on intonation and staging of the “vocal apparatus” is in full swing. Higher education Daria received at the National Pedagogical University. M.P. Drahomanov. She joined our team in September 2019 and is already successfully touring with her students at all school concerts! Daria is the artistic curator of our show group “FLEXY”.

Anastasia Danilova

Anastasia Alexandrovna – a teacher of pop vocal with a great experience working with both children and adults. Anastasia teaches vocals in English as well. Anastasia has a higher professional music education (Kyiv Municipal Music Academy named after R.M. Glier). In her pedagogical practice she uses the technique of breathing gymnastics A.N. Strelnikova. Anastasia`s classes are structured as follows: breathing exercises / work on proper breathing; statement of speech and work on diction; chanting; work on musical works.

Maria Sydoruk

Maria joined our team in the summer of 2019 and already has a large class of violinists! Her students perform at concerts and improve their skills at an excellent pace and with great inspiration! Maria graduated from the National Pedagogical University. M.P. Drahomanova and received the qualification “Master of Musical Art”. Maria owns two specialties: the violin class and the vocal class. Who knows, maybe in the near future we will hear not only how wonderful her students are playing the violin, but also singing vocals!

Viktoriia Tyshchyk

Victoria is a great musician and teacher. She graduated from the Kiev Municipal Academy of Music named after R. Glier. At the moment she is a student of the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after P.I. Tchaikovsky (a class of the professor of the Honored Artist of Ukraine, Professor Vasilievich Y.V.) Victoria is a laureate of All-Ukrainian and International competitions. She took part in master classes with such outstanding saxophonists as Jean – Denis Misha (France), Simon Derrick (Belgium), Nikita Zimin (Russia), Pavel Gusnar (Poland). Victoria takes an active part in various concerts, festivals and events.

Ekaterina Romanyuk

Ekaterina Romanyuk is a teacher of painting, graphics and deco­ra­ti­ve arts. She graduated from the Khmelnytskyi National Univer­sity with a degree in “Graphic Design”. Her pedagogical work experience is over 7 years. Since 2018, Catherine has been educating a large number of students at “Montes­sori Center”, with whom she success­fully participates in All-Ukrainian exhibitions school competitions.

Mzia Orashvili

Mzia Orashvili graduated from Kyiv Institute of Music n.a. R.M. Glier as a flute teacher. Mzia is a laureate of international and all-Ukrainian contests. Her peda­go­gical experience is more than 3 years. She has been successfully teaching her students to play the flute, flute piccolo and block flute. The teacher masterfully takes her students into the world of flute music. Mzia teaches the basics of performing techniques and encourages to conquer the stage with original pieces.

Christina Lutskaya

Christina Lutskaya is a very creative and attentive teacher. Her sensitive concern for each of her students is very captivating and convenient. Kristina Ste­pa­novna has a large class of students who actively participate in different competitions and exhibitions. Christina graduated from National Art School n.a. T.Shevchenko as a “Painter”, and from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture – as a “Restorer of Monumental Paintings”. During her lessons, she pays maximum attention to everyone – both beginners and those who have already acquired certain skills and continue to improve them. Her priority is the motivation of a student – his endless desire to comprehend new technologies and techniques, to constantly improve the quality of his work. Such motivation is the goal which always leads to the pedagogical success.

Ekaterina Bozhko

Ekaterina Bozhko is a talented and bright teacher of painting and drawing. All the fans of her pedagogical skills tend to gather around Ekaterina. All of her students successfully participate in contests and exhibitions. And Catherine is a beautiful mother as well! She gives special warmth and care to all the children who come to her class. Ekaterina graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture with a degree in “Fine Arts”. She has experience of teaching students for over 12 years. At the lessons of art, children are introduced to the materials, technologies, and techniques of embodying their creativity. Simultaneously, adults can learn new skills in the field of art just for pleasure.

Valeria Rakhmanova

Valeria Rakhmanova is a brilliant pianist and attentive teacher who educates not only young pianists but also adults. Valeria graduated from Tambov State Music and Pedagogical Institute n.a. S. Rachmaninov as a piano teacher and has been success­fully working for over 5 years. Among her achievements, there are numerous compe­ti­tions, concerts and a high level of her students’ perfor­mance. During the piano lessons, Valeria shows various techniques to the students, which is very fas­ci­na­ting, captivating, and most impor­tantly – motivating!

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