Anna Rosenko is the director of the network of educational institutions “Montessori Center”. Co-chairman of the organization committee and co-author of the concept of the All-Ukrainian Music Olympiad “Voice of Ukraine”. Co-founder and organizer of the contest of children’s drawings and an online gallery “ChildOpenArt”, All-Ukrainian Open Competition of Fine Arts “#MYSTETSTVO”, All-Ukrainian Open Vocal and Choir Competition “VOCAL.UA” and All-Ukrainian Open Competition of Pianists named after S.S. Pro­ko­fiev “PIANO.UA”. She gra­dua­ted from The National Academy of Music named after P.I. Tchai­kov­sky as a piano teacher. “I strive to create an atmosphere of love for children, to support attention, and polite attitude towards their parents, maintain an atmosphere of friendship. At this school, students learn to be artists and masters from the very first lesson. Each student – a child or an adult – receives a unique experience of stage activities – exhibitions, concerts, and All-Ukrainian contests. The methodical chain of our class: lesson -> concert -> competition – brings up constant motivation, teaches to strive for a goal. The process of studying art becomes a part of daily life, an exciting game that brings pleasure from the participation and the joy of the victory. Come here and join us! We will be glad to meet you!”

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