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Yuri Vovk

Yuri is our graphic designer. All posters, posters, pictures, catalogs, press walls, banners, signs on schools, posters on bulletin boards, advertisements on the doors and windows of our school, business cards and screensavers on social networks and beautiful pictures on all our sites (and there are five of them) – this is the work of Jura! Yuri graduated from Vinnitsa National Technical University. He has experience as a designer, designer – manager, designer – typesetter. Joined the “Montessori Center” team in the summer of 2016 and knows all our small and large projects! And we also have a little secret – we never saw each other, because Yura lives in Vinnitsa and works remotely 😉

Zhanna Yaremenko

Zhanna is an excellent administrator and a good colleague at the Montessori Center. On her fragile shoulders, you can entrust the schedule, and the punctual work of teachers, and on time extended subscriptions for each student! We thank Zhanna for her professional work and care for every Client and Employee!

Banashchuk Larisa

Larisa is an excellent administrator, sensitive and punctual, she will come to the aid of the student and teacher on any issue. Larissa’s daily work is on time assigned lessons, proven subscriptions and all problems solved. Her Hollywood smile makes our day kinder and more fun! We thank Larisa for her professional work!

Alexandra Krokhmal

Alexandra – our good partner since 2015 in many projects of the Montessori Center, and now she is also an excellent Administrator for all students, parents and teachers. Sasha is always in a good mood, professional and attentive towards each employee or client. We are happy to work together and thank Alexandra for her work!

Ekaterina Kliandrova

Ekaterina joined the Montessori Center team in 2020 and became an excellent administrator and assistant in all the school’s affairs! Ekaterina graduated from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts and has excellent knowledge of not only administration, but also art!

Kateryna Romanovska

Kateryna Romanovska is a piano teacher. Ekaterina graduated from the National Pedagogical University. M.P.Dragomanov on piano. Ekaterina has an excellent experience of working with children and adults for over two years. Catherine’s lessons include classical, modern and jazz music. Students select by ear, learn musical notation and the basics of improvisation. The secret of Catherine’s students’ success is her sensitivity and kindness. When the children enter the classroom, they do not want to leave and listen to everything that their respected teacher tells them. If playing the piano is still a dream for you, be sure to come to the lessons of Ekaterina Romanovskaya and make your dream come true!

Evgenia Boylu

Evgenia Boylu is a teacher of English, as well as Russian and Ukrainian languages. Evgeniya has a wonderful experience of working with both preschoolers and schoolchildren, as well as with adult students. Has a higher education. Evgenia practices pedagogical work with Ukrainian students, as well as with the Ukrainian diaspora in different countries – the USA, Canada, Europe – helping children and adults learn their native language, write competently and read fluently. If you need to improve your English or grammar of your native language, be sure to join groups or individual lessons with Evgenia!

Diana Koval

Diana Koval is a wonderful master of her craft. Her lessons are wonderful – children and adults create unique masterpieces with their own hands – from small toys and jewelry to large finished items of clothing and home decor. Diana has incomparable experience in general education school, is able to cheerfully and effortlessly teach children to master, create, gives professional skills in working with tools, sewing machines, which can give only a loving teacher. We are waiting for you at cutting and sewing courses! Be sure to try yourself in this work and you will get an unforgettable experience and wonderful skills that you will be happy to apply in everyday life and decorate yourself and your home!

Daria Sobchuk

Daria Sobchuk is a teacher of fine arts and sculpture. She graduated from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts and has been successfully teaching at the “Montessori Center” since 2020. From the first lessons, children and parents are delighted with Daria’s ideas and approach; at each lesson, the teacher sensitively helps, but in no case does he interfere with the process of creativity of the novice master. Daria has additional certificates and diplomas of completing art and teaching courses and advanced training. We are waiting for you at art lessons with the whole family!

Illia Bilyi

Illia Bilyi is a guitar teacher. Ilya Vladimirovich plays all types of guitar: classical, acoustic, electric guitar, bass guitar and ukulele. Graduated with honors from the Kiev Municipal Academy of Music named after R. M. Gliere. Ilya has been teaching since 2015, and is also an excellent performer of music of various styles – from classical to rock music. “I am convinced that everyone can enjoy music, regardless of age, experience and ability. Thanks to modern techniques and an individual approach, which I definitely use in my lessons, you will learn many performing techniques and will delight yourself and your loved ones by playing the guitar!”

Anastasia Butovskaya

Anastasia is a creative, energetic and very bright singer and vocal teacher. Graduated from the Kiev Municipal Academy of Music. R.M. Gliera, Academic Vocal class. In 2018, she was awarded a certificate for training in preparation for work in the conditions of the New Ukrainian School. In 2020 she received the certificate of the online course “Academic Virtue”. In her lessons, world vocal hits sound, work is in full swing and new talented artists grow up!

Ekaterina Rybina

Ekaterina is a pop vocal teacher for children and adults, as well as early musical development of children from 2 to 7 years old. She graduated from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts with a degree in artist-vocalist, teacher of pop singing. For more than 10 years, Ekaterina has devoted herself to working with children. Today Ekaterina generously shares her professional experience in the process of training young artists at the Montessori Center. Children simply adore classes with her, learning new songs and multiplying their singing repertoire. The individual approach, artistry, extraordinary empathy, charisma and cheerful disposition of the teacher create a friendly atmosphere in the learning process. In her work with the youngest talents, Ekaterina uses the techniques of Carl Orff, Logorhythmics for kids (to work out a sense of rhythm, develop a musical ear and articulation). Be sure to come to Ekaterina Rybina’s vocal lessons and you will be delighted!

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