Ekaterina Koroleva

Ekaterina Koroleva is charming, attractive, and professional. The students’ fathers call her «the queen» (believe me, that’s not only because of her last name (*korolyov – ukrainian&russian for «king’s son or daughter») mothers ask the administrator to assign the child specifically for her classes, and the students themselves see her as a model to be followed. Ekaterina Konstantinovna has been filling the apartments of “Montessori Center” with her positive energy since 2013. Dozens of concerts arranged by her students, victories in contests, her work as the jury of several vocal projects, billions of volts of lightning discharges, kilowatts of excitement and thousands of hertz of sound waves – She can produce this all, of course, thanks to her Hollywood smile! Catherine graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Music named after R.M. Gliera, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, as well as the Kyiv University n.a. Boris Grinchenko, with a degree in “Vocal studies”. Due to the stage performances in the cover bands, she has extensive experience in vocal directions, such as jazz, soul, blues, pop, rock. Her path as the pop vocal teacher began in 2003. Today, her goal is to teach her students to love and feel the music and, through the use of various vocal practices, to maximize the potential of each student. Pedagogical work experience – 15 years. And yet, her most important job is to be a beautiful mother and a loving wife, to be among the fans at her son’s competitions, to cook new dishes for her family and to inspire her musical parents with personal success!

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