Август, 2019

14авг10:0010:00Dates of concerts of the first semester of the new school year

Школа искусств в Киеве



Dear students and parents!
Some dates of concerts of the first semester of the school year 2019 – 2020 are already known:
October 6, 2019 – “In Jazz Live!”
October 27, 2019 – “In Jazz Live!”
November 7 – 11, 2019 – All-Ukrainian Musical Olympiad “Voice of the Country”
November 17, 2019 – “In Jazz Live!”
November 24, 2019 – Grinchenko University, exhibition #МИСТЕЦТВО
December 15, 2019 – Grinchenko University
December 22, 2019 – “In Jazz Live!”

Some dates may change and another date will be added to the exhibition of artwork at the “Chocolate House” Museum.

Good luck to all of us in the upcoming school year!


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