Январь, 2017

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Художественная онлайн-галерея



“Montessori Center” is the author of the art online gallery www.childopenart.com.
This gallery is based on the software Google Open Gallery is the only gallery in the world of children’s art on the Google platform. Google’s Paris office in 2014 accompanied our project and now we fill the gallery of our own. At the moment, here it placed more than 12000 children’s drawings in high quality.
The gallery is replenished with 400 – 500 new images each month!
The winners of the contest “ChildOpenArt” have solo exhibitions in the gallery.
Here is our new exhibition that has just been published:

Nikita Zhigunov 7 years http://www.childopenart.com/exhibit/dQIS0Oj4Q8rXKw?position=0%3A0

Darya Skobenko, 10 years

Eva Adamenko, 6 years http://www.childopenart.com/exhibit/jwICe0mS_f0AKA?position=0%3A0


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