Январь, 2018

10янв10:0010:00Our concerts in "In-Jazz"

новость 10 январь 2018



Concerts do not happen too much!
Thanks to our dear partners – “In-Jazz” music store chains for the beautiful scene and wonderful festival “Open Music For Child” last fall! The first semester of the academic year was very busy with joint concerts in “In-Jazz”! Every month we received an amazing experience of stage performances thanks to the support and hospitality of our partners “In-Jazz”!
Our monthly drawing contest “ChildOpenArt”, which we also conducted on the stage “In-Jazz Live!” – this is the source of inspiration for our novice artists, as well as for teachers!
The festival “Open Music For Child” was traditionally held in the online music stores “In-Jazz” in September! We spent a wonderful creative day on September 24, 2017 together! This is what our photo reports say!
Concert September 24, 2017 by link.
Concert October 22, 2017 by link.
Concert December 3, 2017 by link.


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