Ноябрь, 2016

30ноя10:0010:00Our music concerts in November

новость 30 ноября 2016



“Montessori Center” organizes many concerts in the school year. Musical art does not live without audience, so our students have always practiced on the stage, play and sing in our schools and famous stages of Kiev.

Your attention photo reports of concerts in November:

Qualifying round of musical Olympiad “Voice of the Country” at the restaurant “Dejavu” November 6, 2016 http://gallery.montessori.ua/index.php?/category/299

The “Concerts on Saturdays” November 12, 2016 http://gallery.montessori.ua/index.php?/category/307

Live music concert and a drawing competition “ChildOpenArt” November 13, 2016 http://gallery.montessori.ua/index.php?/category/300

The “Concerts on Saturdays” November 19, 2016 http://gallery.montessori.ua/index.php?/category/312


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