Декабрь, 2014

02дек10:0010:00School Education in Kiev and Abroad



Dear readers, my little article is aimed at parents. I will try to briefly and concisely convey existing knowledge in the field of non-formal education. Also compare domestic and foreign conditions.
You and I notice that in the last three or four years in Kiev increase in the number of private-school educational institutions – dance studio, music studio, drawing groups of early development, foreign language courses. There are several reasons:
1. Teachers are seeking higher wages than the state teacher’s salary, start private works and goes to work in private schools;
2. Parents looking for higher service – as cleanliness, new teaching materials, new furniture, new methodological and musical equipment, fresh repair the premises, the heat in the classrooms and lack of energy savings, as in the corridors of public schools;
3. Parents looking approach to adult education – development outlook for the child, even entertaining approach. Often I hear from you: “We do not want our child became a professional musician / artist, we will walk to the overall development.” Therefore, the rigor and commitment of exams in public schools – repellent, load and so “our congested tests and control” children.
In countries such as the USA, Turkey, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece – private-school education – it’s a tradition. Teachers open studios and workshops right in their own homes or apartments. And in Turkey do not have a clue what music schools can be public…
But! You and I can be satisfied by domestic conditions. For comparison, a music lesson in the US for a child of school age only lasts 30 minutes and costs $15-45…
More 5-6 years ago a music lesson in Greece was worth $40 a professor with whom I studied the methodology and pedagogy at the Kiev Conservatory…
Also, abroad and appreciate today “Russian music school” (“school” as a technique, culture and even the era), recalling Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, great teacher Neuhaus…

What is missing in Kiev? Publishers fresh pedagogical and methodological professional literature and, of course, reprints of classic manuals.
For example, I am familiar with the author Ukrainian technique “Muzichna shkola” (Editions №6 and №7, piano). Money for publishing this manual was completed in the first year. Find funding, as I understand it – failed. Methodology gorgeous – bright, logical, professional… I bought in 2009 a couple of books – and now use copies of paint with the kids… black and white print)) for sale can not be found…
I believe in the best, the most eager to influence the development of culture in our homeland with you…
With love,
Anna Rosenko

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