Август, 2013

21авг10:0010:00Singing Increases Life Expectancy



Swedish scientists at the University of Gothenburg have found that choral singing extends life. Singing together with yoga helps to control the body state and improve heart function. The correct singing, especially choral one stabilizes the cardiovascular system.
On the basis of the experiments it was found that the melody and rhythm of the music directly affect the heart of the singer. That is, to get in tune with the music, the heart rate accelerates or decelerates, according to the British newspaper Express. While singing in the choir there is a synchronization between the members, leading to a calming effect, which allows the body to relax both mentally and physically.
“Singing regulates the function of so-called vagus nerve, which is responsible for emotionality and communicability, and affects our voice timbre” – says Bjorn Vikhoff from the Gothenburg University. According to the scientist, it is this nerve which connects the heart rate, pulse, breathing and singing.
In addition, the scientists from Harvard and Yale had undertaken a study that showed that the life expectancy in Connecticut (the state, where most of the population is singing in the choir) is among the highest. Сancer patients are adviced to sing too. According to the Cardiff University (UK), singing patients are more likely to be cured, as reported by “Medvesti”.

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