Февраль, 2015

03фев10:0010:00Weekend in "Montessori Center"



The weekends in the “Montessori Center” are always creative and interesting. This weekend, on January 31st, held his first solo concert of student string – Aleksander Temchenko, class violin teacher Elina Guz. Aleksander performed great program on almost 30 minutes. Nadezhda Kosyuk, the student of the National Music Academy of Ukraine n.a. P.I. Tchaikovsky accompanied him. See photo of the concert can be found on the link
Also on January 31, the first concert in 2015, the series “Concerts on Saturdays”. Unique results of the concert exceeded all expectations! Virtually all participants of the concert, the performers of vocal and piano music, have passed the qualifying round of the “Golos Krainy” Music Olympics and invited to participate in the competitions on the big stage in a month! See photo concert on the link

Who works well, the good and the rest! On February 1st, Sunday, “Montessori Center” team played the first round of bowling in 2015. The team were strong this time, gathered multiple champions and winners – the drummers and guitarists. Results are as follows:
1st place – School 1 – Dmitry Zhyrnov (guitar teacher) and Yulia Malyakanova (choreographer) – 208 points.
2nd place – School 4 – Sergey Anatolievich and Anastasia Kulik (painting teacher) – 179 points.
3rd place – School 2 – Matthew Monakov (guitar teacher) and Dima Sinyuk (percussion teacher) – 176 points.
4th place – School 3 – Anna Rosenko and Ilya Kalatsey (guitar teacher) – 102 points.
Photoreport on the link

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