Kristina Podoprigora

Christina Podoprigora is a trainer of modern and classical choreography. Street Dance directions (Hip-hop, Jazz-funk, Dancehall) are hot dances that will help to liberate your child. The direction of classical choreography will help to foster discipline, help to make beautiful posture and body, develop flexibility, musicality, plasticity. Christina has more than 5 years of choreographic experience. Has been engaged in choreography for 22 years. She studied at the Kharkov State Academy of Culture. In the past, he was the head of choreographic groups that received prizes and Grand Prix in All-Ukrainian and International competitions. “What does choreography mean to me, you ask? No, this is not a hobby – this is a way of life that has already been established over the years! After all, how else, if my mother and grandmother are choreographers. Choreography is my path! This is exactly what the generation of the 21st century needs. My main rule is no rules! Feel free to dance and have fun! Express yourself! Be in trend, dance to your favorite and modern music! This is the main position of a successful student! When can you start, you ask? Yes, right now! In fact, your little baby can do much more than you think! Give a chance today! I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and I feel incredibly happy! So don’t be shy! And you have everything ahead!”

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