Main errors of beginning vocalists

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The state when the soul sings is familiar and I want to throw out this joy: jumping, screaming, dancing?

Nothing better reflects your emotional mood, like a song in its own performance. You sing in the shower. And once you understand that you want to learn to sing for real.

Looking at the performers, it seems that singing is pretty simple. But this is not so. If you do not have natural talent, then singing skills need to be developed. Otherwise, what you hear on the first recording of your voice, you will not like (dips, vibrations, swimming in tonality, etc.)

Let us share the secrets of what is required to develop singing skills for novice vocalists and what mistakes should be avoided.

The first mistake is improper breathing. On it you can immediately distinguish a beginner from a professional. There are vocal breathing exercises. The main rule: a short and sharp breath through the nose and a smooth exhale with the mouth along with the sound. We must try to exhale without noise and breathe naturally. Remember that vocalists breathe in their stomachs. To straighten the lungs for the best sound will help the correct posture. Straighten, slightly raise your chin. Take a comfortable position.

The second mistake – without chanting and in the absence of developed skills, try to take high notes. It turns out a clamped voice that betrays an amateur. To learn to sing freely, you need special training. How to put a voice for singing is a separate science. There is a whole range of exercises that must be performed regularly. For example, on exhalation we stretch the vowels on one note (e, a, u, etc.), practice “mooing”, singing the gamut (do-re-mi …). First, the voice must be warmed up, moving from low notes to higher ones. We use tongue twisters and other techniques for developing the vocal apparatus. It is better to do this under the supervision of an experienced mentor.

The third mistake for beginners is to sing with their throat, and not with their diaphragm, to stick out their stomach after exhaling. As a result, deep sound will not work. There are many methods in social networks how to learn to sing with a diaphragm. They all come down to the technique of proper breathing by the stomach, in which the exhalation is squeezed out by the diaphragm. It is also worth trying techniques to increase the volume of singing breath. For example, on exhalation we count (one, two, three, etc.) until the air runs out.

The fourth mistake is incorrect diction. The role of diction in singing cannot be underestimated. Blurry sound, blurry words, fuzzy sounds spoil the impression. Particular attention should be paid to the clear pronunciation of consonants. Educators will teach you various tricks. For example, for the effect of ductility, syllables must end with a vowel. It’s nice to take acting classes. With speech defects, a speech therapist will need correction.

The fifth mistake is falsetto singing with a weak voice. To make you want to listen, the song should sound bright and loud, which is achieved by closing the vocal cords. With falsetto this is not possible due to the large air flow. Exercises for developing voice power will come to the rescue. Here is one of them: to take a note and then increase, then decrease the force of exhalation.

Everyone can develop a voice and learn to sing! This requires desire, patience and regular training.

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