Tatiana Demedenko

Tatyana Demedenko is a teacher of pop vocal at the Montessori Center. She graduated with honors from the Kiev Institute of Music. R.M. Glier. She is a laureate of many All-Ukrainian and International competitions, as well as a participant in festivals. In her lessons, Tatyana applies the model of individual preparation and communication with each student. It will be with great pleasure that he will help the student realize that each person has the ability and ability to sing, to eradicate all constrictions, to positively tune in and first of all, find the right vibrations and believe in oneself. Tatyana does a lot of work on staging breathing and correct voice recognition. Uses a repertoire of different styles and genres in the lessons. “I adhere to the principle that everything in life can be learned. I put music on one of the first places in life. I can’t live without art! I like to make people happy and see their bright emotions and smiles on their faces. My goal is to prove to you that you already know how to sing and you can definitely sing! “

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