Why drawing is very popular among children

Why drawing is very popular among children

Learning the world around them, children perceive it as incredibly bright, big, children’s impressions are radically different from the impressions of adults. The emotional reaction is also completely different.

By the way of drawing, it is very easy for a child to convey his mood, emotion, and sometimes – to repeat in his mind an object that he liked or made an impression and fix on paper. After all, children draw exclusively what they want now, what they like right now.

Thus, the result of activity is obtained quickly enough – for a child of three years, 2 – 3 minutes is enough to depict your house, river or cat, even if everything is wrong from the point of view of academic drawing, for the time being, the child lacks knowledge.

During drawing lessons, especially the first ones, the teacher builds the program so that the student finishes his drawing in one lesson. Then there is no feeling of incompleteness and the student has finished work as a result of his efforts. This pedagogical technique is traditional and common in art schools.

So, drawing lessons occupy leading places in children’s leisure, because:

  • it is easy to paint your emotions with paints, “pouring out” your mood on paper;
  • the result of the work is seen quite quickly, in comparison with memorizing the melody on the piano – the drawing is instant, in an hour!
  • there are so many artistic techniques and materials that classes in art school remain interesting for quite a long time, for several years the child will be able to learn new things and get impressions;
  • painting lessons in studios usually take place in a group of children of the same age and level of knowledge, thus students socialize, make friends and like-minded people, spend time in interesting thematic conversations;
  • drawing lessons for children remain popular in the years of rapid progress, because bright colors and colors can compete with bright instagram pictures, especially if you create them yourself!

We invite you to painting and drawing lessons for children and adults!

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